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Large Impacts and Ozone Depletion

A recent article on the New Scientist website briefly reported that small volcanic eruptions can cause short-term ozone depletion. The study showed that nitric acid and water vapour in large concentrations can energise volcanic chlorine so that it reacts with ozone.

It got me wondering: what sort of impact (pun intended) would a large bolide strike have on ozone depletion? Especially one that landed in the sea - would impact conditions liberate chlorine from sea water (and send it high enough to react with the ozone layer)? Or would resulting dust clouds effectively block out any additional cosmic rays that might find their way through depleted ozone?

http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn10503-volcano-pierces-small-hole-in-oz one-layer.html


Dann Pigdon
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