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Deino-Turkey for breakfast...

After a hectic hiatus (that have included a rather successful SVP meeting and some time with my friends there and at the Geology museum in Mexico and other relevant places) I would like to thank everybody that have kept sending messages (pro and con) regarding the new images in my website.
I understand that some of the pieces at the website have technical problems (specially as they were transferred to HTML... maybe even unwatchable in some computers. Unfortunately I still have no control over that). Some are indeed small and some will be better finished when the Encyclopedia finally comes out . I apologize for any glitches that there may have been: they will be corrected.
However it was indeed my intention to experiment with different styles and techniques, and not only that: the fact that not everything had to be finished to photographic level was quite deliberate.
In any case, as they are in the website they were meant only for show, not for poster-size downloading. I have printed posters of quite a few of them and these were exhibited (and rather well received) at SVP in Ottawa.

What was also quite deliberate is that (as Steve Walsh and Dan Pigdon keenly observed), what I'm trying to do with some is evolutionary science provocation: I think it has always been important to open possible avenues in the way dinosaurs can be reconstructed... including -in the words of Mark Kaplowitz- the Grotesque. Behind the grotesqueness of the Deinonychus portrait (by the way, this one is a >male< Deinonychus...females are also portrayed as a hunting pack, and less ornamented than their male counterparts) hides the slickness of Greg Paul's recent skeletal restoration of the animal. And the choice of colors is part of the process of creating the effect.
I'm glad that at least they have been effective at the level of shock value .

The illustrations currently in my website are a sample of more than 300. As Thom Holtz says: he wrote the encyclopedia with the young in mind...But that includes everybody with >still< a young mind to feed!
If you can't watch the images before breakfast, please do it afterwards... never wanted to ruin such an important moment of the day!

Thanks again.

Luis Rey

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