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Re: pronunciation question

T. Michael Keesey writes:
>> This will sound like an incredibly random question, but I recently
>> came across a posting in an online discussion which you wrote, "I'm
>> willing to bet you drop the first "r" in _Jaxartosaurus_".
>> (http://dml.cmnh.org/2006Jun/msg00103.html)
>> Is 'Jaxatosaurus', without the r, the usual pronunciation? The
>> reason I ask is that I'm a linguist doing a study of words where
>> people omit r's, like 'the(r)mometer' and 'Feb(r)uary'. This would
>> be an interesting example.
> In that particular instance, I guessed that Mike Taylor wouldn't
> pronounce that "r" because he is a Londoner, and the London
> variations of English (as well as British "received pronunciation")
> are nonrhotic.

It's worse than that.  Being English, I even _read_ the pronunciations
differently from you.  So when I read "Jaxartosaurus" what I heard in
my head is the same as you'd have heard when reading "Jaxatosaurus";
when I read the latter I heard something like "Jaxattosaurus", with a
short "a" as in "cat".


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