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Re: New Papers

--- Ian Paulsen <birdbooker@zipcon.net> schrieb:

> HI:
>  On the last paper about Canada Geese, did the
> authors realize that the
> Canada Goose has been split into two species: Canada
> Goose (Branta
> canadensis) and Cackling Goose (B. hutchinsii)? I
> wonder how that split
> affects their research?

Since the intraspecific variation is almost certainly
larger than the interspecific one, I'd guess not

Still, the question is how far this can be
generalized. I'd be extremely cautious beyond neogaths
and perhaps tinamous, and possibly not even beyond

What should matter is not only the pattern of growth
in ontogeny, but also the histological pattern. Bone
canals differ between neognats and paleognaths
significantly IIRC and the ontogenetical pattern is
already different in ratites too (and it is rather
likely than not that is also was different in dodos
for example).



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