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RE: Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi?

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> Subject: Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi?
> How probable are the weight estimates for Bruhathkayosaurus? The old ones
> (175-220 tons), and the new ones (157 tons), both seem a tad heavy for a
> land animal. The lower one puts it in the range of the heaviest Blue Whale
> (160-180 tons), and the higher one far exceeds it. In my humble opinion, a
> land animal would be completely unable to support such a weight. A creature
> like this would be unbale to survive beyond childhood. How true is this?
I don't know: how massive are trees?

Seriously, the hypothesis that this is no more than petrified wood has not been 
falsified yet to my satisfaction. A detailed
photograph, and even better a micrograph, would go a long way towards 
demonstrating that this was something closer to
_Argentinosaurus_ than to _Araucaria_.

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