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Re: November 13th Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia on Quicktime!

James Farlow wrote:

No no. The foot has to be three-toed to be interesting.

Functionally three-toed, anyway - in terms of theropod walking and running. Most theropods retain another toe hanging out at the back of the foot (the hallux), which birds and therizinosauroids came to use in locomotion. So, functionally four-toed theropods are interesting too. [I know Dr Farlow is well aware of all this. :-) ] The didactyl theropods are also cool.

Personally, I find the jaws and forelimbs the most interesting parts of a theropod dinosaur. They would have been the first and last thing many herbivorous dinosaurs would have seen after encountering a theropod - _Tyrannosaurus_ included (for the jaws, anyway).



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