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Omnivorous dinosaurs

Just to let you know, this is purely a matter of a layman's curiosity.

So yesterday, in the course of conversation my Dad asked me if there were any omnivorous dinosaurs. I faked some knowledge (Uh, I think the ostrich mimics? Probably not the Heterodontosaurs?), but wound up having to say that I didn't know of any specifically, and that on reflection the whole subject of omnivorous behavior seemed complex and elusive.

Are there any anatomical features that indicate omnivory (sic - what would this word be?), and if so, do any dinosaurs have them? Is there a distinction between omnivores that can eat a variety of foods and those that have to eat a variety of foods? What distinctions are made between opportunistic feeding (the grass-eating dogs and chicken- eating mules of the world) and genuinely omnivorous behavior?

Nothing quite like those simple questions that illuminate one's vast gulfs of ignorance...