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Re: Omnivorous dinosaurs

Dann Pigdon wrote:

Ornithomimosaurs have been suggested to be omnivores mostly because they were theropods (a primarily carnivorous grouping at the time) with no specific carnivorous adaptations (such as sharp teeth or recurved claws). They could still have swallowed small animals whole though. If so, they may never have eaten much in the way of plant matter at all.

An omnivorous diet has been proposed for troodontids...

Holtz, T.R., Jr., Brinkman, D.L. and Chandler, C.L. ("1998" = 2000). Denticle morphometrics and a possibly omnivorous feeding habit for the theropod dinosaur _Troodon_. Gaia 15: 159-166.


Given the similarities in dental morphology, this may be true for therizinosauroids too.

I'd say basal dinosaurs/saurischians like _Eoraptor_ and maybe herrerasaurids might have been omnivorous.



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