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Re: Omnivorous dinosaurs

Donna Braginetz writes:

My observation is that many insects avoid predation by dropping to the
ground when disturbed. Seems like parasites might evolve to cling tight
to the vegetation until swallowed.

Most ingested parasites that effect herbivores are probably in the form of eggs layed on the vegetation. Of course they are designed to be able to survive the digestive process, so they probably result in very little in the way of nutrients as far as the herbivores are concerned (and any digestable proteins like egg casings are almost certainly offset by what the parasites then take from the herbivore, and then some).

However non-parasitic insects also lay eggs on vegetation. It would be interesting to see how much insect protein herbivores actually ingest. I know that us humans inadvertedly ingest quite a bit of insect protein (especially in processed foods like jams or tomato-based sauces). So there's really no such thing as a vegan if you consider insect protein as meat.


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