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Re: Theropod herbivory - parallel evolution or one clade?

Couldn't agree more, Jeff. _Jeholornis_/_Shenzhouraptor_ was certainly a seed eater. The same may be true for the probable troodontid _Jinfengopteryx_, depending upon what those "oval structures" are in the gastral basket, described as "reddish yellow" in color (?orange).

It's interesting to note that the Yixian includes early flowering
plants as >well as birds and feathered climbers like Microraptor.

Jeholornis was certainly a seed eater, and I wouldn't be shocked if Jinfengopteryx was (although I would be suprised if "Jinfengopteryx" is actually different enough to be separated from Sinovenator). But niether is a climber, and Jeholornis was not landing in trees. WAIRing up perhaps. Same with Microraptor (i.e. not climbing up tree trunks).

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