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Re: Pdf galore

someone has obviously put a fair amount of work into this... most of the papers 
listed are available online already via certain people's personal sites etc.. 
however, I suspect that putting all your files in one website.. is asking for 
trouble, especially with certain journals.

Fieldwork  pictures NM 2002-4 & China 06:

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Subject: Pdf galore

Hey guys,

Don't know if this has been  posted before, but there are a lot of dinosaur 
papers available as pdfs on the  French website www.dinosaures-web.com! Most of 
the recently described genera are  there... Finally a useful French 
paleontology reference!
By the way, is such  diffusion of papers directly on an open access website 
legal? If it is, what are  we waiting for before we put some more complete 
paleo paper archive  online?

Best regards

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