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Re: Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi?

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for a publication or paper to end the dispute (personally, I think somone seeing the tibia/log of wood would be more than enough to decide what it really was).

The thing is, a titanosaur of this size would be a momentous dicovery.

If it was anywhere near the range of Mickey's estimates, then 'momentous' would be putting it lightly. When Argentinosaurus was discovered, everyone went so gaga over it. So if a sauropod TWICE THE SIZE of Argentinosaurus was discovered........ Thing is I just find the giant sauropods very fascinating. My own estimates vary from 35-45 m and between 120 to well over 200 tons (these estimates number about 10, and most are rubbish)

But as Mike said, Brachiosaurus is probably the best represted of the sauropods, and the estimates made range more than 400% (180 tonnes doesn't deserve to be a proper estimate). That's what we can get, from a COMPLETE SKELETON. Here we have one incomplete tibia (assuming it is a tibia). So you can imagine what's going to happen when the paper comes. I shudder to think.....


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