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Brachiosaurid metabolism?

Good day to all listmembers,
recently I've noticed an unresolved(?) debate on brachiosaur metabolism with 
implications for the sauropod longevity in the archives. It's quite 
fascinating. If you take e.g. a smaller european sauropod _Hypselosaurus_ with 
a mass of some 5300 kg when it was adult,  compare it to the hatchling weight 
of the same genus (2,4 kg) and use the calculated grow rate, it will indicate 
cca 82-118 years of growth to reach adulthood. And because much larger 
sauropods such as _Brachiosaurus_ weighed seven or more times as much as 
_Hypselosaurus_, the estimated time they would have taken to reach adult size 
would have been much more than one century, perhaps even centuries (not to 
mention a certain indian "tree-trunk"). So then there's a theory I kind of like 
wherein sauropods were endothermic upon hatching and then their metabolisms 
gradually slowed as they got bigger. But, it's hard to tell and noone seem to 
favour it anymore. Thans in advance for any comments. Vlad