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Re: New reference, dinosaur polyphyly based on track record

On 11/21/06, Mark Van Tomme <markvantomme@yahoo.com> wrote:
THULBORN, T., 29.9.2006. On the tracks of the earliest
dinosaurs: implications for the hypothesis of
dinosaurian monophyly. Alcheringa 30, 273-311.

>From the record of dinosaurian skeletal remains it has
been inferred that the origin and initial
diversification of dinosaurs were rapid events,
occupying an interval of about 5 million years in the
Late Triassic.
This scenario of dinosaurian polyphyly is as well-supported by fossil
evidence as is the currently favoured view of
dinosaurian monophyly.

Why footprints must be more informative than skeletal remains?


Roberto Takata