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*Dashanpusaurus dongi*

David Marjanovic writes:
 > Dinodata.org reports the following:
 > "A new camarasaurid from the Middle Jurassic, Xiashaximiao
 > Formation in Dashanpu, China is described in Peng, G.; Ye, Y.; Gao,
 > Y.; Shu, C. & Jiang, S. (2005): Jurassic Dinosaur Faunas in
 > Zigong. Sichuan People's Publishing House, Zigong. The only place
 > in the world where this publication is for sale is at the Zigong
 > Dinosaur Museum"
 > Should this be considered published for ICZN purposes...?
 > No details available to me because dinodata.org now requires
 > registration (!).

I registered with dinodata some time ago, but even when I'm logged in
it won't let me see its write-up of this new animal.  It's a shame
that another one-useful website has become so difficult to use.  What
with losing both this _and_ the Dinosauricon, we're actually worse off
for dinosaurs on the Web now than we were five years ago.

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