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Re: Brachiosaurid metabolism?

In a message dated 11/24/2006 5:47:18 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
mike@indexdata.com writes:

"...in D.  L.  Wolberg, E. Stump, and G. D. Rosenberg, eds. DinoFest 
International:  Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by Arizona State 
Academy of  Natural Sciences, Philadelphia."

Whatever happened to the volume for The DinoFest Symposium, Philadelphia,  
April 17-19, 1998?  I've seen citings including paper numbers, but was this  
ever really published (other than abstracts)?  The Academy of Natural  Sciences 
doesn't list it and after the 1998 Dinofest, there were  more than a few 
disgruntled presenters wondering about the status of their  submitted papers.