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RE: *Dashanpusaurus dongi*

Eike wrote:

Can you mail-order it? Is it peer-reviewed? If so,
well, "The Dinosaur Museum Journal" is apparently a
valid publication according to §8 ICZN:

Yes, you can order it, as has already been noted, via http://www.hceis.com/book.asp?id=4708 -- I've already ordered it, though it hasn't come in yet. As for peer-review: this is _NOT_ a qualification for a "publication" under ICZN rules. It's certainly something we take for granted, and I know a few people who think that peer review _should_ be a prerequisite for recognition under ICZN rules (it's an arguable point, especially these days), but it presently is not. Anyone can self-publish anything and as long as they meet ICZN requirements (including those covering reposition of the publication in a number of public libraries), it's still valid.

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