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Sloan et al. 1986 on Hell Creek dromaeosaurid teeth

Table 1 of Sloan et al. 1986 (Science 232: 629-633) lists _Velociraptor_ and _Saurornitholestes_ teeth as both occurring in the Hell Creek Formation. However, Figure 1 of the same paper shows only _Saurornitholestes_ and no _Velociraptor_. Table 1 does not include _Troodon_, which is indicated to be present by Figure 1. It occurred to me that perhaps the name "_Velociraptor_" was accidentally entered into Table 1 where _Troodon_ was meant, but Figure 1 shows _Troodon_ becoming extinct before _Saurornitholestes_, unlike the alleged _Velociraptor_ in Table 1. Does the Hell Creek Formation really have two distinct forms of "velociraptorine" tooth, one closer to _Saurornitholestes_ and the other closer to _Velociraptor_? Could _Saurornitholestes_ and _Velociraptor_ even be reliably distinguished from each other on the basis of isolated teeth?

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