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Re: four winged Archaeopteryx

David Marjanovic wrote:

Are they? Last I checked *C.* had those faint impressions,

This is news to me. Do you have the reference which says that _Compsognathus_ preserved some kind of hair/bristles/fuzz? I know Ostrom (1978) mentioned some kind of "striations" present at various places in the holotype (forearm, ischium, base of the tail); but these impressions could represent internal soft tissue.

_Juravenator_ certainly doesn't preserve any feather-like structures. The tail does preserve integumentary structures, in the form of the skin (made up of small tubercles).

and a *Pterodactylus* specimen had goethite bristles that seem to have replaced "hair" in fossilisation.

Again, news to me. I'm not saying you're wrong, BTW. But again, do you have a ref for this?

Hot and dry.

Monsoonal and semiarid, was Solnhofen. So this would be right.