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Re: four winged Archaeopteryx

> This is news to me.  Do you have the reference which says that
> _Compsognathus_ preserved some kind of hair/bristles/fuzz?

This was discussed onlist at some length (after I had offered Desmond's 
suggestion from 1975 that any faint impressions had been polished away).

> but these impressions could represent internal soft tissue.

Ah. Well, this should be investigated...

> _Juravenator_ certainly doesn't preserve any feather-like structures.

No, but only a small patch on the tail preserves any part of the skin.

> >and a *Pterodactylus* specimen had goethite bristles that seem to have 
> >replaced "hair" in fossilisation.
> Again, news to me. [...] But again, do you have a ref for this?

Yes, but I'm too lazy to dig it up right now... I probably cited it onlist 
years ago. It was in Neues Jahrbuch.
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