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New website and issue www.PalArch.nl

Dear colleagues,

The new, improved website www.PalArch.nl is now online, publishing the
October 2006 issue. Unfortunately, this issue contains no papers
within PalArch's Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, which is due to
fact that the paper by Van der Plas 'A new model for the evolution of Homo
sapiens from the Wallacean islands' is postponed until the January 2007

However, of interest for palaeontologist is the paper still online in PalArch's
Journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe:

Turrittin, T.H. An annotated bibliography of the Piltdown Man forgery,

as well as the the following book reviews:

Donovan, S.K.: Hou Xian-Guang, R.J. Aldridge, J. Bergström, D.J. Siveter,
D.J. Siveter & Feng Xiang-Hong. 2004. The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang,
China. (Malden, Blackwell Publishing).
Meijer, H.J.M. & A.J. Veldmeijer: Unwin, D.M. 2005. The Pterosaurs from Deep
Time. (New York, Pi Press).
Reumer, J.W.F.: Cowen, R. 2005. History of Life. 4th Edition. (Oxford,
Blackwell Publishing).
Reumer, J.W.F.: Milson, C. & S. Rigby. 2004. Fossils At A Glance. (Oxford,
Blackwell Publishing).

Note that also our Newsletter is entirely free from now on.

Kind regards,

Hanneke J.M. Meijer

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