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Talk Evaluations at SVP

For those who might be interested, but haven't contacted us yet: now is a
great time to start thinking about this! I have gotten some very useful
feedback from this program in past years. We are also looking for volunteer
evaluators (pretty much anyone can help in this regard - see below).

Best wishes,

Andy Farke
Chair, Student Committee

Voluntary Evaluation of Student Presentations Program

This year at the annual meeting we will continue with the program to conduct
voluntary evaluation of oral presentations given by students. This program's
goal is to provide constructive criticism on student presentations, and has
been extremely successful over the past two years. (Interested in being an
evaluator, see below).  

Evaluations are conducted by a team of faculty, postdoctoral and graduate
students who provide comments on your abstract, slide content and layout, as
well as presentation organization and speaking ability. The purpose of the
evaluations is to acknowledge which areas of your presentation are done well
and emphasize those that need more work.

Please Note: These evaluations are NOT for any type of award, but would be
solely to provide you feedback to help you improve future presentations.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student giving an oral presentation
at SVP 2006 in Ottawa, in sessions other than the Romer Prize session, and
would like to receive constructive comments on your presentation, or be an
evaluator, please contact either Bob Feranec (bferanec@yahoo.com or
feranec@stanford.edu) or Andy Farke (afarke@ic.sunysb.edu) with the
following information after you have received confirmation of acceptance of
your abstract:

1. Name as it appears on the abstract
2. Title of the talk
3. Date and Time that your oral presentation will be given.
4. Email address and mailing address so that we can confirm with you.
5. Taxon or keywords, so appropriate evaluators can be found.

If you are interested in being an evaluator, please email either Bob or Andy
using the above email addresses. We especially are in need of
faculty/professional evaluators. In the email please provide contact
information as well as areas of interest. We will try to match you with
appropriate talks.
Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081
Phone: 631-444-7364
Email: afarke@ic.sunysb.edu