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Dinosaur IMAX

'Dinosaur' sighted in county 
The American Museum of Natural History, the Maryland Science Center,
David Clark Inc., Giant Screen Films and Stardust Blue have announced
the start of production on a new giant-screen IMAX film "Dinosaur
Hunters," which will be shot in 3-D.


"Dave Clark and I are really looking forward to the creative challenge
of bringing back to life the spectacular world of the Gobi as it was in
the Cretaceous, 70 million years ago, and looking even deeper in time to
re-animate the late Triassic creatures of the American Southwest,"
Oscar-nominated co-director Silleck said in the news release. "Using
cutting-edge, ultra-high resolution computer animation, combined with
hyper-realism of the large-format medium, we hope to provide audiences
with a uniquely immersive film experience."


Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
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