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Re: More on the new pliosaur

I just wrote:

> > The [grov] bone structure
> German: grob = "roughly", "superficially"... also "brutal", but that
> doesn't fit here :o) , so I'd suggest: "Generally speaking, the bone
> structure..." or "The general bone structure...".

That was a misinterpretation. The German word can also mean "coarse", and 
that's what the Norwegian one does here, as I have been kindly informed:

"grov" means coarse, the bones very cancellous with lots of vacuities 
filled with dark calcite, so it was quite different from the more dense 
bone of the smaller plesios.

Jørn H. Hurum, Dr. Scient.
1. amanuensis Vertebratpaleontologi
Assistant professor Vertebrate Paleontology
Naturhistorisk museum / Seksjon for geologi
Universitetet i Oslo
Pb.1172 Blindern
NO-0318 Oslo

I was thinking in a too abstract way! I need holidays. :-)
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