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RE: Why you should bring money to SVP

Popping up briefly (or de-cloaking as some say).
Permit me to start a tread on art.
I like Doug Henderson, as a friend and an artist. Yet, sometimes I feel
like there is more details in the plants than in the animals. It is
almost like they are wearing rubber suits. Also, the entire Mesozoic did
not look like the Olympia Forest of Washington state, nor did dinosaurs
run around in parking lots. It is a point I wish to raise with all the
budding dino-artists.

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On Fri, 6 Oct 2006, James Farlow wrote:
> I just received my copy of Nick Fraser and Doug Henderson's new book 
> for my IU Press paleo series, Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Life in the
> Let's just say that it is a jaw-droppingly beautiful book.  In my 
> opinion, it has the best work Doug Henderson has ever done, and there 
> is LOTS of it.  You aren't going to believe your eyes.  Each picture 
> is better than the one before it.  I'm not kidding.  Really.

The cover:


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