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paleoartists in general, was Re: Why you should bring money to SVP

Dear Dan, Ken, and List,

     All art, even scientifically based restorations is interpretive. We all
have our tastes, likes, and dislikes. I have had both frothy detractors, and
those that really "got " for lack of a better word, what I was trying to
convey in my sculptures.
    I remember reading someone badmouthing Charles Knight's work as being
one thing or another, and my thought being, yes, there is a T-rex in the
background, not helping the other rex kill the triceratops, but hey, how
does the painting make you feel?
The best of art causes strong emotion.
    For what it's worth, I think Doug Henderson's work is wonderful. Almost
every thing I have ever seen from him has caused me strive to be a better



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> << It is
> almost like they are wearing rubber suits.  >>
> Hmmmm... I remember someone saying the same thing  about my mosasaur
> paintings. If Doug's now a member, I guess I'm delighted to be  in that
club! DV