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paleoartists in general

As far as I'm concerned, no one has ever come close to putting the viewer into the picture as much as Doug has. I always feel as though I'm hiding under a log, holding my breath and waiting for those distant animals to pass me by. I think that is why I respond to the mid ground atmosphere of his pics, you notice the incredible- imaginative-character-filled-silhouettes of the animals rather than all the little details that many artists get lost in. He also has some of the best compositions I've ever seen, in any medium,subject matter or time period. I have shown his work to many directors and production designers, and guaranteed his work will end up on their walls for the rest of the production as a reminder of how to compose a shot.
Way back when I was on Dinosaur, Doug worked with us for a while. Of course, most of his work was completely ignored. He drew about 500 of the most amazing drawings I've ever seen. I xeroxed them all, put them in a binder, and cherished them. Years later, someone in the studio realized the treasure trove of creativity I had and stole the book.
I could go on and on about Doug ( and I'm sure I have done so on this list already!) but I know it all comes down to personal opinion. In the end I know its pointless to argue how you should feel when you look at a picture.

In Doug's work I see a world without roads and telephone poles, and it is alien, and I don't belong, and I lament at its passing.

David Krentz

On Oct 8, 2006, at 3:20 PM, Denver Fowler wrote:

Yet, sometimes I feel
like there is more details in the plants than in the

I actually like the way Doug's pictures decrease the emphasis on the animal, instead depicting species in an environment, rather than just being portraits with the subject big and bold in the middle. It feels more like wildlife photography, and less like posed shots.

his b/w pix are my favourites.


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