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Re: New Sauropod from Portugal

David Marjanovic writes:
 > > > Anyone got any insight on this sauropod?
 > >
 > > Not me -- anyone have a PDF?
 > Of what exactly? I can't see the Dinodata page -- it tells me I need to 
 > login (!!!). 

Yes, it's a pain, isn't it?

Here it is in plain text:


New sauropod material from Lourinhã

Yagüe, P., Dantas, P., Ortega, E, Cachão, M., Santos,E
A. M.,Goncalves,R.& Lopes, S.(2006 New sauropod material from the
Upper Jurassic of Areia Branca (Lourinhã, Portugal). -
N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Abh., 240: 313-342; Stuttgart.

Abstract: We report new sauropod material from the upper sandstones of
the Bombarral Formation of the Lourinhã Group (Upper Jurassic,
Tithonian) at the Praia da Areia Branca cliffs (Lourinhã region, west
coast of Portugal). The new specimen is represented by an articulated,
well-preserved, partial tail of an animal of an estimated length of 22
m. The specimen was recovered from beds related to a fluvial/upper
delta plain environment of a deltaic system.

Currently, nine caudal vertebrae and four chevrons have been
prepared. The specimen bears some tooth marks that are attributed to a
large theropod. All the recovered bones are articulated, suggesting
that an almost complete individual is most probably preserved in the
lower layer of the bottom of the cliff. A geophysical test was
performed to test this hypothesis. These analyses are not completely
conclusive but the presence of resistive anomalies is discussed.

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