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Re: New Sauropod from Portugal

On Wed, 11 Oct 2006, Luis Perez wrote:
I saw this on DinoData and became curious.

Anyone got any insight on this sauropod?

I get "not authorized" to view...

You can get access to this article with a free registration.

Although I had problems with the article's link, the web master (and site's creator?) Fred Bervoets was generous
with his time and gave me the link to the original document.

It is a Powerpoint Presentation file with the following
title, credits, and basic discussion info:

   "An Unusual new neosauropod dinosaur from the Lower
   Cretaceous Hastings Beds Group of East Sussex, England"

   Michael P. Taylor and Darren Naish
   School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
   University of Portsmouth
   Portsmouth PO1 3QL
   Meet BMNH R2095: A single, partial mid-to-
   posterior dorsal vertebra.
   Briefly described by Lydekker (1893) when
   no-one [sic?] knew anything about sauropods.

   So what is it?
   1. Sauropoda
   2. Eusauropoda
   3. Neosauropoda
   4. a unique Neosauropoda

Although the graphics are good, it is just an outline
of the authors verbal presentation about their evaluation
of the dorsal found in the late 1800's in East Sussex,
England.  As such, a lot of information is [to me] to
be missing.

The one question kept occurring to me is Luis Perez's
inclusion of the country "Portugal" in his email query
-- from my review of the .PPT file, I did not see
"Portugal" mentioned.