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Raffle For Student Membership

Dear VP Students:

We're trying something new at SVP this year, as part of the fundraising
effort for student travel grants. In cooperation with the SVP Development
Committee, the Student Committee will be running a raffle for a one-year
student membership.

Each chance will be $1 (US), and all proceeds will go to funding student
travel grants. Tickets will be available in the registration area and also
will be sold at the student forum. The winner will be drawn towards the end
of the student forum on Thursday, and this lucky student will have their
membership covered for the year!

Due to various legalities associated with SVP bookkeeping and the Canadian
venue for the meeting, we unfortunately can only sell tickets in US dollars.
However. . .I will have some personal US dollars on hand at the forum so
that you can trade in your Canadian loonies and buy tickets.

See you in Ottawa!


Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081
Phone: 631-444-7364
Email: afarke@ic.sunysb.edu