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Re: New Sauropod from Portugal

S.Green writes:
 > >> I saw this on DinoData and became curious.
 > >> http://www.dinodata.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9353&Itemid=103
 > >>  
 > >> <http://www.dinodata.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9353&Itemid=103>
 > >>
 > >> Anyone got any insight on this sauropod?
 > > I get "not authorized" to view...
 > You can get access to this article with a free registration.
 > Although I had problems with the article's link, the web 
 > master (and site's creator?) Fred Bervoets was generous
 > with his time and gave me the link to the original document.
 > It is a Powerpoint Presentation file with the following
 > title, credits, and basic discussion info:
 >     "An Unusual new neosauropod dinosaur from the Lower
 >     Cretaceous Hastings Beds Group of East Sussex, England"
 >     Michael P. Taylor and Darren Naish
 >     School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
 >     University of Portsmouth
 >     Portsmouth PO1 3QL
 >     <dino@miketaylor.org.uk>

I think you've confused two different not-yet-named new sauropods on
DinoData.  The link you provided above is to an article named "New
sauropod material from Lourinhã", and references a published paper by
Yagüe, P., Dantas, P., Ortega, E, Cachão, M., Santos, E A. M.,
Goncalves, R. and Lopes, S.  Whereas the PowerPoint slides you were
directed to were my presentation to the Progressive Palaeontology
conference in Cambridge earlier this year, on an English sauropod.

 > Although the graphics are good, it is just an outline
 > of the authors verbal presentation about their evaluation
 > of the dorsal found in the late 1800's in East Sussex,
 > England.  As such, a lot of information is [to me] to
 > be missing.

Sure.  The paper formally describing this has been through review and
will very very shortly be submitted in revised form.  Then I guess we
plan on a two-year wait for it to actually come out :-/

 > The one question kept occurring to me is Luis Perez's
 > inclusion of the country "Portugal" in his email query
 > -- from my review of the .PPT file, I did not see
 > "Portugal" mentioned.

... because of its being a different saurpod, of course.

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