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Re: New Sauropod from Portugal

I was corrected by Luis Perez to go to the news link in DinoData. This makes my response of yesterday totally irrelevant.

The news link at:


shows no date (other than than 2006),

summarizes as a: "... new sauropod material from the upper sandstones of the Bombarral Formation of the Lourinhã Group (Upper Jurassic, Tithonian) at the Praia da Areia Branca cliffs (Lourinhã region, west coast of Portugal", and

references "Yagüe, P., Dantas, P., Ortega, E, Cachão, M., Santos,E A. M.,Goncalves,R.& Lopes, S.(2006 New sauropod material from the Upper Jurassic of Areia Branca (Lourinhã, Portugal). - N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Abh., 240: 313-342; Stuttgart".

I checked Google and Clusty but found no information that corresponded with this report.

On Wed, 11 Oct 2006, Luis Perez wrote:
I saw this on DinoData and became curious.

Anyone got any insight on this sauropod?

I get "not authorized" to view...