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Question About 1998 Dinosaur Expedition to Qinghai Province, China

Dear Listmembers,

While looking through some material, I found a
vauge reference to a paleontological expedition.
looking for dinosaur fossils, led by American 
paleontologists, which visited the area of 
Baigong Mountain (Baigong Shan) in 1998. This 
mountain lies about 35 to 40 km southeast of the 
town of Delingha in Qinghai Province, China.

Does anyone have any idea what the identity of 
this expedition and the and institution, which 
sponsored it? Any ideas about what authors a 
person needs to search GEOREF with in order to 
find publications, which resulted from the data 
and any fossils gathered by this expedition? 


Baton Rouge, LA

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