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Re: Horner and Goodwin on Triceratops

Hopefully we won't be stuck with names like Aberratiodontuidae
(from _Aberratiodontus_), Gansuiornithidae (from _Gansus_)
and Yandangithidae (for _Yandangornis_) forever.

I just discovered Art. 29.4.2 which says we are not stuck with any of these examples, so as soon as someone publishes Aberratiodontidae, Gansuidae and Yandangornithidae, we can use those (...if we really think we need to have monotypic families). We are, however, almost certainly stuck with *Aberratiodontus*, which should be *Aberratidens* or something... or perhaps *Aberratodus* if we insist on having the tooth in Greek...