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Student Forum, Reprint Exchange, and Raffle at SVP

Dear students of SVP:

As the meeting approaches, I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind
you about the student forum, reprint exchange, and raffle. These events will
be held on Thursday, Oct. 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., in the Pinnacle
Room, Penthouse Level of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The forum will be held in a roundtable format, and it is quite informal.
You'll have the chance to visit one-on-one with established paleontologists
on a variety of topics, ranging from grad school to fieldwork to grants. All
of our participants have excellent credentials in their topics, and we are
fortunate to have the chairs of a number of SVP committees in attendance
(poster prize, Romer prize, SVP, and others).

The current list of topics (largely finalized, but some small changes may

*Finding Non-Academic Jobs in Paleontology - ReBecca Hunt, Augustana College
*Finding Academic Jobs in Paleontology - Pat O'Connor, Ohio University
*NSF Grants and Fellowships - John Damuth, National Science Foundation
*Graduate School - Blaine Schubert, East Tennessee State University
*Organizing a Field Project - Karen Samonds, Redpath Museum, and Doug Boyer,
Stony Brook University
*Creating an SVP talk - Ryosuke Motani, University of California, Davis
*Applying for Collection Permits - Dale Hanson, Bureau of Land Management
*Research opportunities in Wyoming - Scott Hartman, Wyoming Dinosaur Center
*Preparing a Successful Poster Presentation - David Eberth, Royal Tyrrell
Museum of Natural History
*Preparing an SVP abstract - Jason Head, University of Toronto at
*Fieldwork Opportunities in Paleontology - Richard Stucky, Denver Museum of
Nature and Science
*Publishing in JVP - Robert Reisz, University of Toronto at Mississauga
*Fieldwork Opportunities in Utah - Mike Getty and Mark Loewen, University of
*Preparing a Curriculum Vitae - Chris Brochu, University of Iowa
*Applying for Grants - Johannes Mueller, Humboldt Museum
*Using the Paleobiology Database - Matt Carrano, Smithsonian Institution

Additionally, once again we will have the reprint exchange during the forum.
A number of members of the society have kindly donated reprints of their
recent papers on a variety of topics, covering a broad spectrum of taxa and
disciplines within paleontology. This will be a great chance to build up
your libraries! If you have reprints of your own to donate, you are also
welcome to bring a few.

Finally. . .the winner of the raffle for the student membership will be
announced toward the end of the forum. As noted previously, tickets are $1
US, and all proceeds go to the student travel fund.

See you all in Ottawa!

Andy Farke, Chair
Student Liaison Committee
Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081
Phone: 631-444-7364
Email: afarke@ic.sunysb.edu