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Josh Smith forced resignation from Washington University and Egypt future (fwd)



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Subject: Josh Smith forced resignation from Washington University and Egypt

I am normally a reader only of this list, but came across an
article of
interest to others in the field.  I (like almost everyone else) had
heard a lot of rumors about Josh Smith over the past couple of
years, but it looks like he has finally gone to far for the
administration at Washington University to cover up his misdeeds
(links below to the student newspapers coverage of the
"resignation").  He was forced to resign in August sometime for yet
another sexual misconduct charge.  Suprising that a lot of the
other incidents (such as lying about his military career and being
in Special Forces, he was only in the reserves per his own book
Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt) didn't contribute to the firing.  Anyway,
thought I should bring it to the list's attention so he can't do
this to any more people.

Hopefully Matt Lamanna or Ken Lacovara will continue to work in
Bahariya since there is still so much there to be studied.



Daniel W.

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