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Re: The Morrison Formation: older than you think

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> What layer was the fairly complete Morrison troodontid found in?

The best date currently available for WDC-DML-001 (which has been given the 
nickname 'Lori') is that of Quarry 9 at Como Bluff, which Kelli has revised. A 
more precise date may be published later on, if the mudstone the fossil was 
found in yields zircon crystals suitable for radiometric dating. The layer 
itself is  termed 'Unit B' and is several centimeters above a sauropod bonebed. 

> Would it be older than the Solnhofen, or more specifically, would it be 
> older than the earliest known Archaeopteryx? 
If Archaeopteryx is early Tithonian, Lori would be roughly 6 million years 

Source: http://www.wyomingpaleo.org/bio/pubs/Text_Lovelace_in-review.html