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Re: The Morrison Formation: older than you think

<<If Archaeopteryx is early Tithonian, Lori would be roughly 6 million years

This wouldn't apply for the at least /Archaeopteryx/-like teeth from
Guimarota in Portugal, a site which is generally held to be Kimmeridgian
(about 153 Ma, if I remember correctly).  There's a not terribly cheap book
available on the place, which is at least advertized on-line.  The relevant
part is Chapter 12, Wiechmann & Gloy (2000), Pterosaurs and urvogels from
the Guimarota mine.  The 'urvogels', exclusively represented by teeth there,
don't get to tweet in the linked summary.

Pfeil Verlag, Guimarota - A Jurassic Ecosystem, 2000