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Re: Revamped Website...


Well, I could only say when laying my eyes upon the wattled
dromaeosaur head shot: "Good God, it's hideous". Mind you, it's well
rendered, but it reeks of _Meleagris gallopavo_ and other phasianids
in terms of design and I'm not too sure a predator would have fleshy
bits dangling about. I like the great heron _Sinusonasus_, though it's
rather too obvious it's patterned after _Ardea herodias_.
There's some rather dodgy details with other images, namely the
photochopped backgrounds. I guess, though, that you did have a strict
deadline to meet, and doing everything with one single technique
wasn't an option.
On the presentation of the images themselves on the webpage I have to
say the pixellated "Opening"  and "Eudimorphodon" aren't eyecatching
for the animals but for their overstretched state.

My two cents (which is about all the money I have now),
Renato Santos
Renato Santos