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Re: Revamped Website...

Renato Santos wrote:

There's some rather dodgy details with other images, namely the
photochopped backgrounds. I guess, though, that you did have a strict
deadline to meet, and doing everything with one single technique
wasn't an option.

I agree, the photochopping makes the images look half-baked. Many of them look unfinished, and integration of painting and photograph in some of the images is quite poor. A lot of the brushwork is not up to Luis' usual standard at all. For example http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/jpegs/new/Cryptocleidus.jpg which has what appears to be a standard Photoshop texture filter in place of painted texture on the skin.

The drawing in a lot of these leaves quite a bit to be desired -- in the image of /Nanotyrannus/ being attacked by a crocodile ( http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/jpegs/new/Nanotyrannus.jpg ), the pterosaur has it's fingers on different parts of each wing! (In fact the metacarpal seems to be missing on the animals left wing.) The fingers are also sticking out strait forward, which is not how I would expect them to be held in flight (or indeed, ever). This is also a problem with the painting of /Eudimorphodon/.

If deadlines were the issue, there are a number of options available to cut down on work time. Simplifying backgrounds or adopting a sketchier style would have been better options in my opinion.

On the presentation of the images themselves on the webpage I have to
say the pixellated "Opening"  and "Eudimorphodon" aren't eyecatching
for the animals but for their overstretched state.

Again, agreed. Images should be sized correctly in Photoshop beforehand, not resized in HTML -- certainly never up-sized, which makes for awful rendering.

My two cents (which is about all the money I have now),
Renato Santos