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Re: Rhamphorhynchus wrist articulation

Nick Pharris wrote:
Quoting "James R. Cunningham" <jrccea@bellsouth.net>:

As the elbow is extended, the entire wrist swings aft and down relative to the
r/u. As the wrist itself is flexed, it swings forward and down (sort of like a
cocked-pin joint). The wrist itself does not rotate about the long axis of the
r/u. However, metacarpal IV can rotate about 20 degrees about its long axis,
on a mortise and tenon articulation between it and the distal carpal.

Just out of curiosity, is this all specific to *Rhamphorhynchus*, or does it apply to pterosaurs generally, based on, say *Quetzalcoatlus*?

Well, it applies to /Anhanguera/ as well. I don't know about rhamphorynchoids.

John Conway - palaeontographer