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RE: SVP statement on Dr. Rensberger-Burke Museum

I am not alone in feeling uncomfortable with this.  I am not a member of the
SVP or even a palaeontologist - just an interested amateur, but this does
contrast with the attitude of the SVP to the Larson's who did not dig up Sue
in the dead of night and made best endeavours to get the permissions
required yet had uncle Sam descend on them as if they were Al Qaeda.

And Sue ended up being sold for profit and it was only thanks to Ronald
Macdonald that she ended up in a museum.

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Dinosaur World wrote:

>The point of this original thread was that there appeared to be hypocrisy 
>in the way the academic community is reacting to these thefts of fossils. 
>Cloud the issues any way you wish, but you are making the very point of the

>original comments. Theft of fossils is ok for some people, but not for 

I'm not excusing Dr. Rensberger's behavior at all.  What I am saying is that

it's inappropriate to put him in the same boat as people who illegally dig 
up fossils in the dead of night so they can sell them for personal profit.  
Or those people who steal specimens from museum collections for the same 



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