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Re: Luis Rey's Dino-turkey

> What I said was that the fleshing out design for this picture,
> http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/jpegs/new/Chick.jpg , was too clearly
> done after turkeys and other pheasants (including chickens). It's
> rather hideous in itself but throw in the orange background...
> *shudders* Not that it isn't well done but the choice was rather poor
> After thinking a bit more about it, I understand that this was done to
> ingrain into the projected target for the book that birds are
> dinosaurs by frocking well and less known theropods in birdy attires.
> I, however, would go for the "bird of prey" set on a dromaeosaur.

Just so everyone knows, neither I nor the editorial staff have suggested
particular color patterns or so forth to Luis: these are all his own

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