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Re: SVP statement on Dr. Rensberger-Burke Museum

actually, if memory serves, Larson was also was convicted of "stealing" (illegally collecting) a fossil worth less than $100 from federal lands.

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John Hunt wrote:

I am not alone in feeling uncomfortable with this. I am not a member of the
SVP or even a palaeontologist - just an interested amateur, but this does
contrast with the attitude of the SVP to the Larson's who did not dig up Sue
in the dead of night and made best endeavours to get the permissions
required yet had uncle Sam descend on them as if they were Al Qaeda.

Pete Larson was affiliated with the BHI; they were both taken to court. Larson was found guilty of customs violations, but not for anything related to the excavation of Sue.

As for the respective roles of the FBI and the SVP Executive in the Sue/BHI/Larson case... well, I have my own opinions, and I think I'll keep mum.



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