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Re: The Permian-Triassic Extinction

<<Actually, there were dinosaurs in the Permian.   But they were small and
not very specialized at that point.   The highly evolved premammalian
reptiles held dominion.>>

Actually, there weren't, Dora.  The earliest known dinosaurs are from some
of the Middle Triassic localities.  There were small reptiles during the
Permian, but no dinosaurs are among them.  Either re-read whatever it was or
throw it away.

<<It came as a surprise to me, too.   There was actually an entire
well-developed world before the end Permian extinction wiped out most life
on Earth.   Not the case that before the Triassic, life had only made it to
the blob and fish stage.>>

As sauropsids ('reptiles') and synapsids are both known from the Upper
Carboniferous of around 310 million years ago, evolution had been working on
those lineages for around 60 million years before the P-T extinction(s), and
this is probably why nobody suggested there wasn't a 'well-developed world'.