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Global Warming and Mass Extinctions

About his Permian-Triassic thread... If it hasn't been mentioned already, everyone go and buy October's Scientific American. The article of interest is entitled Impact from the Deep, and it discusses many of the questions I've seen come up in the Triassic-Permian thread... and not just for the Permian extinction, but also for the end Triassic and the end Devonian and the end Ordivician. A nice comparison with the KT is presented as well, showing without a doubt, that the mechanisms for the KT vs the mechanisms of the other Big 4 were completely different.

And just my two cents here... but this theory is a winner. I complained many times about over generalizing these extinction events... that is, naming the bolt from the heavens the reason for all of them.... You know... Blame it on an asteroid/comet... It used to be the popular thing to do.

I guess after you really take a cold hard look at what evidence actually exists and what said evidence is actually saying, things just end up not as simplistic as most thought.

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