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RE: Sheesh

A report about SVP may be a good one.

The new dinosaur exhibit at the National Museum of Canada was previewed
at the Wednesday night reception. Unlike most exhibits, this one was
well lighted. One person was heard to say that it's a "happy exhibit
that invites people in". It is an about face from the previous NMC

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Will somebody please start a thread? Preferably something interesting
and informative? I'm slipping into a torpor here, and due to the fact
that I'm giving up coffee, it could be permanent if nothing interesting

Hmmm. Torpor. Uh, did any dinosaurs need to hibernate? Would
torpor-capacity improve survival % in a bolide-winter event? Could
torpor-capacity have been a crucial diference between birds and dinos
(<= vernacularity alert!)? What is the smallest "non-avian dino" found
at, uh, hmmm. Have anybody decided what to call the event formerly known
as K/T yet? 

Why is the sky blue, Mommy? Was it blue before they had color TV? C'mon
folks. Entertain me please.