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Re: Sheesh

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>From: don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com>
>Why is the sky blue, Mommy? Was it blue before they had color TV? C'mon folks. 
>Entertain me please.

Okay -- de-lurking to pose a question on behalf of my ten-year-old:

"My hypothesis is that sharks evolved earlier and separately from early bony 
fish.  I am wondering if Haikouichthys (sp?) evolved into sharks and 
heterostracans, the earliest jawless fish.  I am thinking that the 
heterostracans evolved into several different groups, including the osteoracans 
(sp?), which later evolved into placoderms and other advanced fish."

I hope this is entertaining enough. :-)  My apologies for any spelling errors.

SarahG, harried parent.


"That was a good breakfast.  I think my body just entered the citric acid cycle 
of glycolysis."  -- my ten-year-old