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Re: Sheesh

>From my window (and this would only be the case if I could open it, which I
should not it being winter up here) I can hear elk bugle. Local farmer has
enclosed 687 acres and raises them for meat. He also accidentally enclosed a
female moose, which led a bull moose to break down the fence during mating
season. Possibly (probably not) a few elk escaped into the wilds of the
Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where I live. None of them are playing the
violin. Lately someone shot a 91-pound something, awfully wolfish looking.
Its DNA is off to a lab to see what it might be. Quebec has wolves, so it's
possible we're coming back into predator/prey balance here.
Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, Vermont
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From: "Roberta Meehan" <biology@ctos.com>
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Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: Sheesh

> You want someone to start a thread?  What color thread would you like?
Reminds me of the question my daughter asked when she was getting stitches
in her lip -- "What color thread are you using?"
> The dinosaurs probably needed to hibernate because they didn't drink
coffee.  Now that you are not drinking coffee, you may need to hibernate
> (Well, you asked to be entertained!  And since this is elk-mating system,
I must ask you if you know why elk bugle.  Because they don't know how to
play the violin.)
> (Are you entertained yet?)
> Roberta Meehan
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> From: don ohmes
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> Subject: Sheesh
> Will somebody please start a thread? Preferably something interesting and
informative? I'm slipping into a torpor here, and due to the fact that I'm
giving up coffee, it could be permanent if nothing interesting happens.
> Hmmm. Torpor. Uh, did any dinosaurs need to hibernate? Would
torpor-capacity improve survival % in a bolide-winter event? Could
torpor-capacity have been a crucial diference between birds and dinos (<=
vernacularity alert!)? What is the smallest "non-avian dino" found at, uh,
hmmm. Have anybody decided what to call the event formerly known as K/T yet?
> Why is the sky blue, Mommy? Was it blue before they had color TV? C'mon
folks. Entertain me please.
> Don