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Avian Monophyly (Was Re: Sheesh)... :-)

Well, there's always this topic:  :-)



For those of you that attended SVP, were there any new
papers/talks which shed light on this subject?

Guy Leahy

--- don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Will somebody please start a thread? Preferably
> something interesting and informative? I'm slipping
> into a torpor here, and due to the fact that I'm
> giving up coffee, it could be permanent if nothing
> interesting happens. 
> Hmmm. Torpor. Uh, did any dinosaurs need to
> hibernate? Would torpor-capacity improve survival %
> in a bolide-winter event? Could torpor-capacity have
> been a crucial diference between birds and dinos (<=
> vernacularity alert!)? What is the smallest
> "non-avian dino" found at, uh, hmmm. Have anybody
> decided what to call the event formerly known as K/T
> yet? 
> Why is the sky blue, Mommy? Was it blue before they
> had color TV? C'mon folks. Entertain me please.
> Don